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The Tiny Woman's Coat
The Gobbledegook Book
Song of the River
One and a Half Million Buttons
Freddy Bear and the Green Peas
Freddy Bear and the Beach
The Remarkable Cake Shop
Hush. A Kiwi Lullaby

Buzzy Bee's Birthday Party
Buzzy Bee Baby-sitter
Saint Grandma
Hero of the Hill
Robby & Hoot
The Duck in the Gun
Duck Walk
The Bedtime Train
Eating Plums in Bed

The Mouse Bride
The Cheese Trap
Nicketty-Nacketty, Noo-Noo-Noo
Questions Kids Ask Joy Cowley
Gracias the Thanksgiving Turkey

Elephant Rhymes
Singing Down the Rain
The Bump
Big Moon Tortilla
The Little Tractor
The Rusty Trusty Tractor

The Red-Eyed Tree Frog
Chameleon, Chameleon
Weta - A Knight in Shining Amour

The Video Shop Sparrow
Apple Banana Cherry
Cricket's Storm
Pip the Penguin

The Agapanthus Hum books.
Agapanthus Hum and the Eyeglasses
Agapanthus Hum and Major Bark
Agapanthus Hum and the Angel Hoot

Wishy-Washy World
Mrs Wishy-Washy's Farm
Mrs Wishy-Washy's Xmas

Greedy Cat and the School Pet Show
Greedy Cat and the Sneeze
Greedy Cat and the Goldfish

The Easter Story
Fly Pie
Mrs Goodstory
Where Horses Run Free
The Wishing of Biddy Malone
Tarore and Her Book
The Terrible Taniwha of Timberditch
Cowshed Christmas
The Fierce Little Woman and the Wicked Pirate
The Tiny Woman's Coat The Tiny Woman's Coat. By Joy Cowley
Illustrated by Giselle Clarkson
The tiny woman wanted a coat. "Where will I get the cloth?"
"You can have our leaves," said the autumn trees.
Rustle, rustle, rustle.
Published by Gecko Press, Wellington, NZ

The Gobbledegook Book The Gobbledegook Book. By Joy Cowley.
Illustrated by Giselle Clarkson
A tiny woman stitches a coat from autumn leaves. A hungy ogre chews glue stew. A pumpkin explodes. And a very greedy cat gobbles the shopping - YOW!
The Gobbledegook Book collects favourite rhymes and stories from Joy Cowley in a bumper book for the whole family.
Published by Gecko Press, Wellington, NZ

Song of the River Song of the River
Illustrated by Kimberly Andrews
One spring morning, Cam was playing by his house. He watched a trickle of water running through the pine trees. The water splashed and sang in the voice of snow: Come with me. Come with me. I will take you to the sea.
Published by Gecko Press, Wellington, NZ

One and a Half Million Buttons One and a Half Million Buttons
Compiled by Joy Cowley
With one and a half million buttons, the lost children of the Holocaust send a message of love and tolerance to children, who are the world's future
Published by Copy Press, Nelson, NZ
Freddy Bear and the Green Peas Freddy Bear and the Green Peas (board book)
Illustrated by Philip Webb
Freddy Bear wants peas for lunch, but there are none. He won't eat corn, or beans, or tomato! What are Mother and Father Bear going to do . . . ?
Published by Upstart Press

Freddy Bear and the Beach Freddy Bear and the Beach (board book)
Illustrated by Philip Webb
Freddy Bear is off to the Beach with Dad. He runs, he plays, he chases seagulls, the waves chase him. Then, oops, Freddy Bear has a little accident!
Published by Upstart Press

This familiar lullaby is given a warm and playful touch of Kiwiana by one of Aotearoa's most-loved authors, Joy Cowley

The Remarkable Cake Shop The Remarkable Cake Shop
Illustrated by Bruce Potter. International Award winning Illustrator
Follow the hilarious antics of the mayor as he learns a lesson in humility. Funny, engaging and entertaining, it is filled with wonderful characters and delicious cake.
A great book for the whole family to enjoy.

Published by Draconis Ltd

Hush Hush, A Kiwi Lullaby
Illustrated by Andrew Burdan
Hush, little baby go to sleep.
Mama's going to give you a woolly sheep.
And if that woolly sheep won't baa,
Mama's going to give you a wishing star.

Published by Scholastic New Zealand Ltd

This familiar lullaby is given a warm and playful touch of Kiwiana by one of Aotearoa's most-loved authors, Joy Cowley

buzzy bee's birthday party Buzzy Bee's Birthday party and three other stories
Illustrated by Richard Hoit
Can you help Buzzy Bee and his friends to count, name shapes and colours and remember the days of the week?
Published by Upstart Press

buzzy bee bay-sitter Buzzy Bee Baby-sitter and three other stories
Illustrated by Richard Hoit
In these stories, Buzzy Bee and his friends learn about fractions and sizes and time. Oscar also learns the difference between left and right.
Published by Upstart Press

Saint Grandma Saint Grandma
Illustrated by Donald Morrison
The story of Suzanne Aubert. Suzanne was born in 1835 in a town near Lyon in France. When she was a very young woman her parents arranged her marriage, but Suzanne refused to be wed. Instead, she wanted to serve God.
Published by The Sisters of Compassion

Hero of the Hill Hero of the Hill
Illustrated by Philip Webb
A fierce wind blows. Thunder rumbles. Will the brave engine and carriages tumble?
Published by Scholastic Australia Pty

Robby & Hood Robby & Hood
Illustrated by Phillip Fickling
Robby the Robot has lost his big toe. He tries to find a new one everywhere, but because he's an older model there is only one place he can look and that's the town dump.
Published by Penguin Group (NZ

The Duck in the Gun The Duck in the Gun
Illustrated by Robyn Belton
The General is ready to go to war but a duck in the gun causes a sudden ceasefire. One duck can't stop an entire army ... can it?
Published by Walker Books

The Bedtime Train The Bedtime Train
Illustrated by Jamison Odone
When it's hard to go to sleep, watch out for Brad (who looks a lot like Dad!), engineer of the Bedtime Train. He'll take you to places wild - think bears and wolves and alligators - and full of adventures. Will that bridge tumble? Will those dinosaurus bite? Not to worry. The Bedtime Train is invincible. especially with Brad at the throttle and you in command! And when you get home, sleep awaits you in a warm bed. A bedtime book for dads!
Published by Front Street Books

Duck Walk Duck Walk
Illustrated by Jenny Cooper
Carefree Little Duckling goes off on an adventure only to meet danger in the form of scratchy cat, until the mother ducks come to the rescue. A warm fuzzy story with great rhymes.
Published by Scholastic Ltd
Eating Plums Eating Plums in Bed
Illustrated by Jenna Packer
While a disobedient boy languishes in a plum tree of his own making, Mum and Dad dance the light fantastic until they decide to get him down and admonish him- again- not to eat plums in bed. Gorgeous patchwork and plum colours.
Published by Scholastic Ltd

The Cheese Trap  (ages 3-6)
Illustrated by Linda McClelland
"Once upon a mousetime
two little squeaks went cheesing...
searching for cheese,
strong yellow cheese,
cheese as round as the moon."
New Zealand Picture book of the Year 1995
Published by Scholastic NZ
Published by Scholastic New York as The Mouse Trap

Nicketty-Nacketty, Noo-Noo-Noo  (ages 3-8)
Illustrated by Tracey Moroney
A story in rhyme about a wee wishy woman who served up a good tasty stew to the horrible ogre Gobbler Magoo who lived in a swamp where the wild weeds grew. Oh, Nicketty-Nacketty, noo-noo-noo!
Short-listed New Zealand Children's Picture Book Award 1997
Published by Scholastic NZ
Questions Kids Ask Joy Cowley  (ages 6-12)
"With every postal delivery Joy Cowley receives an amazing array of letters from children and adults, that contain questions about her childhood, her home and her sources of inspiration. Here now, are the answers to many of those questions asked of one of New Zealand's most prolific and successful children's writers."
Published by Scholastic NZ

Gracias the Thanksgiving Turkey  (ages 4-9)
Illustrated by Joe Cepeda
When Pap sends a turkey to Miguel to fatten up for Thanksgiving, Abuelo, Abuela, and Tia Rosa shake their heads. Soon enough, the turkey becomes Miguel's dearest friend and they go everywhere together. As Thanksgiving approaches, Miguel is worried. Will Papa, a trucker, make it home for the holiday? How will Miguel keep his new amigo Gracias off the dinner table?
"This heart-warming story about a Puerto Rican family will inspire any reader to give thanks for family, friendship and community."
Published by Scholastic, NY

Elephant Rhymes  (ages 5-10)
Illustrated by Brent Putz
A collection of nonsense rhymes about elephants of all kinds. I had an elephant under my bed. It was a very strange feeling. Every time I moved my head I hit my nose on the ceiling. "Don't panic dear!" my mother laughed. "There's no cause for alarm. A perfectly normal elephant can't do you any harm." "Warning- Contains humour of elephantine proportions!"
Published by Scholastic NZ
Singing Down the Rain  (ages 4-8)
Illustrated by Jan Spivey Gilchrist
Folks in Brianna's town are suffering from such a powerful drought that they've lost all faith in themselves and in the future. Only a miracle could help them to hope again. But the people don't even recognize that miracle when it roars into town in the form of a mysterious woman who specializes in rainsongs. It is the town's children who first realize that the rain is only a song or two away.
Published by Harper Collins, NY.

The Bump  (ages 4 - 8)
Illustrated by Linda McClelland
"My mother has got a bump in her tummy. It's because she eats heaps of pickled onions and cheese. She says there's a baby inside, but I don't think that's true. No baby could live in all that squished up cheese and pickled onion." With warmth and humour, Anna's mum and dad help her become a wonderful big sister to the new baby.
Published by Scholastic NZ

Big Moon Big Moon Tortilla  (ages 4 - 8)
Illustrated by Dyanne Strongbow
Marta Enos has been working hard on her homework and is hungry for a taste of Grandmother's big moon tortillas, "The best in the world." But as she rushes out to the cookhouse, disasters happen. Her homework blows out the window and is ruined by dogs. She drops her glasses and breaks them. Grandmother comforts her with an old healing song and offers Marta the wisdom of the desert. "When we have a problem we must choose what we will be." Marta chooses to fly high and laugh at her problems, like an eagle. A story about family strength, and problem-solving.
Published by Boyds Mills Press, a Highlights company, Honesdale, Pennsylvania, USA.
The Little Tractor
Illustrations by Gavin Bishop
Now the family farm has been sold, a new owner is needed for this special little tractor. Read about its long search for the right home.
Published by Scholastic NZ Ltd, 2004

The Rusty Trusty Tractor  (ages 3 - 8)
Illustrated by Olivier Dunrea
Mr Hill of Hill's Tractor Sales wagers twenty jelly doughnuts that Granpappy's old tractor won't make it through haying season. Will Granpappy buy a brand new tractor with the fancy-dancy engine? Or will he keep his old friend, the rusty, trusty tractor? "A warm family story with nuggets of wisdom."
Publishers Weekly. Boyds Mills Press, a Highlights company, Honesdale, Pennsylvania, USA

The Red-Eyed Tree Frog  (ages 3 - 6)
Photographs by Nic Bishop
"The red-eyed tree frog has been asleep all day. It wakes up hungry. What will it eat? "A night in the life of a red-eyed tree frog, told simply for the very young."
Winner Boston Globe Horn picture book award 1999.
Finalist NZ Post Children's Book Awards 2000.
Published by Scholastic New York, USA. (Scholastic New Zealand.)
Chameleon, Chameleon
Photographs by Nic Bishop
Danger lurks everywhere as the chameleon searches for a new home. But the journey's end brings him a juicy meal - and a new friend too.
Luminous photographs and an interesting fact sheet about chameleons. Published by Scholastic New York.

Weta - A Knight in Shining Armour
Photographs by Rod Morris
Find out what weapons Weta (a type of New Zealand cricket) has to defend his nest and the princess wetas within. A true story illustrated with luminous photographs. Includes a fact page about wetas.
Published by Scholastic Ltd

The Video Shop Sparrow  (ages 5 - 8)
Illustrated by Gavin Bishop
George and Harry skateboard to the video shop only to find it closed. Peering through the window, they notice something unusual - a sparrow trapped inside. The owner of the shop is out of town for two weeks and can't be reached. If the boys don't act soon, the bird will die. They try to get help but no one seems interested in rescuing the bird. As one adult says, "It's only a sparrow. Plenty more where that came from." But the boys won't give up. They take their plea to the mayor and eventually the sparrow is rescued.
Published by Mallinson Rendel, Wellington, New Zealand
Published by Boyds Mills Press, a Highlights company, Pennsylvania, USA
Apple Banana Cherry  (ages 3 - 7)
Illustrated by Elizabeth Fuller
A rhyming alphabet book. Ss Six small snails silently pass, leaving trails as smooth as glass. Vv Vinny Viper's voice was hoarse. He couldn't sing a note. The vet looked in and found a frog in Vinny's throat. "Joy Cowley's wonderful read-aloud rhymes make learning the alphabet so much fun for young readers."
Published by Scholastic NZ, Private Bag 94407. Greenmount, Auckland, New Zealand

Pip the Penguin  (ages 3 - 7)
Illustrated by Gavin Bishop
A rhyming story about an Antarctic penguin chick and all the dangers that can confront it when it strays away from its nest. Having survived a hungry skua, a seal, a killer whale and a blizzard, the penguin chick realises the "Nest is best. Yes, nest is best."
Published by Scholastic NZ

The Agapanthus Hum books
"My daughter Judith was a vigorous, athletic and very cheerful child who wore glasses from the age of nine months. I can't remember how many glasses were dropped, sat on,broken, lost. One pair was flushed down the toilet. Another pair went under the lawnmower. Judith, always optimistic, did her best to take care of her glasses, but when you rush at life with a song and a somersault, the best isn't quite good enough. Years later, and encouraged by Patti Gauch of Philomel Books, I decided to create Agapanthus Hum, a character modelled on my own sweet Judith." Joy Cowley
Agapanthus Hum and the Eyeglasses  (ages 4 - 7)
Illustrated by Jennifer Plecas
Meet Agapanthus Hum! That running, cartwheeling, humming whirlwind. But when she goes flying, so do her eyeglasses. Not even wearing a bag over her head when she flips over, helps. Leave it to good little Mommy and good little Daddy to come up with an idea! "Full of beans, song and heart ... readers will hope for an encore."
Kirkus Reviews A Publishers Weekly Best Book of 1999.

Agapanthus Hum and Major Bark  (ages 4 - 7)
Illustrated by Jennifer Plecas
From the moment she lays eyes on him, Agapanthus knows that Major Bark is a champion. Why not? This whizzy, dizzy puppy with the floppy ears is the best dog in town. But he is a bitser - a bit of this and a bit of that. Can he win at the Champion Dog Show?

Agapanthus Hum and the Angel Hoot  (ages 4 - 7)
Illustrated by Jennifer Plecas.
When Agapanthus Hum loses a tooth, she discovers she can whistle through the gap. "An angel hoot," says good little Daddy. "It's the way angels call to each other on windy days." Agapanthus' angel hoot makes her puppy Major Bark, howl loudly and the duet causes much interest during show and tell time at school.
Published by Philomel Books, a division of Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers, 345 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014, USA.
Wishy-Washy World (hardcover book)
Illustrations by Philip Webb.
Join Mrs Wishy-Washy, Mr Wishy-Washy, and their cow, pig, and duck for music, mayhem, and messes in Wishy-Washy World!
Published by Clean Slate Press, distributed by Whitcoulls

Mrs Wishy-Washy's Xmas (board book)
Illustrations by Elizabeth Fuller.
Mrs Wishy-Washy tells her animals they must have a scrub while she’s in town, or there’ll be no presents. The animals shiver at the icy prospect until the duck remembers where there is a nice warm tub with scented soap! Oh, chaos!
Published by Philomel Books, New York

Mrs Wishy Washy's Farm
Illustrated by Elizabeth Fuller
No more tubbing and scrubbing -the ample Mrs Wishy Washy breaks out in this 32 page picture book and runs free to the city with the cow, the pig and the duck.
Published by Philomel Books, New York

Greedy Cat and the School Pet Show
Illustrated by Robyn Belton
Katie is determined to take Greedy Cat to the School Pet Show, but Greedy Cat doesn't want to go. Delightful story and pictures with Greedy Cat getting exactly what he wanted.
Published by Scholastic NZ.
Greedy Cat Greedy Cat and the Sneeze
Illustrated by Robyn Belton
Greedy Cat is feeling poorly and Katie thinks she has the answer to make him strong and healthy again ..... more food!
Published by Scholastic NZ in 2006

Greedy Cat and the Goldfish Greedy Cat and the Goldfish
Illustrated by Robyn Belton
When Grandma goes on holiday, Katie offers to look after her goldfish.
Greedy Cat thinks that's an excellent idea ...
Published by Scholastic NZ in 2009

The Easter Story
The Easter story is about God's love for us.
A love too big to be described in words.
But we know it in our hearts.
We can feel it like a warm presence.
Illustrated by Donald Morrison
Published by Pleroma Press

Fly Pie
Once there was a frog who had been a prince.
He knew he could become a prince again if he was kissed by a princes.
So off he went, slippity slop, hippity hop, flippety flop, to the castle down the road ...
Illustrated Phillip Web
Published by Scholastic, NZ in 2009
Illustrated by Chris Mousedale
We all knew that Brodie was sick, but we thought he'd get better. Maybe it was because he talked a lot about being a chopper pilot. This book was written in response to requests from teachers for a book to help children deal with the death of a classmate.
Published by Scholastic, NZ

Pudding  (ages 3-6 years)
Illustrated by Fraser Williamson
Was there no pudding left in the Story Universe? Captain Edwina Bear and Patrick Duck search for tortes and tarts, jelly and cake. But have the pudding pirates devoured all the pudding in the universe? A scrumptious fantasy for sweet-toothed children.
Published by Scholastic, NZ

Mrs Goodstory
Illustrated by Erica Dornbusch
Part explorer, part magician, Mrs Goodstory takes her young friend into the unexpected but midway through forgets the story-line. "A fine adventure never hurt anyone!" she says. A story full of wonderful ideas showing the power to go anywhere on the wings of a story.
Published by Boyds Mills Press, Pennsylvania.
Where Horses Run Free
Illustrations by Layne Johnson
The true story of Dayton Hyde's ranch for unwanted horses.
Author's royalty is directed to the Institute of Range and the American Mustang.
2004 KIND Children's Honour Book awarded by National Association for Humane and Environmental Education.
Boyds Mills, USA, 2003

The Wishing of Biddy Malone
Illustrations by Christopher Denise
To be sure, to be sure, Biddy Malone is a singer and dancer with a voice like a rusty gate and dundering feet. See what happens when she is granted three wishes.
Published by Philomel Books, 2004, American Library Guild Classic 2004.

Tarore and Her Book
Paintings by Mary Clover Bibby
A child dies. Her book is stolen. How does this bring peace to the people of Aotearoa?
This is the true story of Tãrore, and part of our history.
Published by The Bible Society
The Terrible Taniwha of Timberditch
Illustrations by Rodney McRae
Josephine's dad tells her she must never go down to Timberditch or the taniwha will get her, but what exactly is a taniwha?
A classic New Zealand story from our best-loved authors.
Published by Penguin NZ

Cowshed Christmas
Edited and Illustrated by Gavin Bishop
It's Christmas time and all the farmyard animals have come mooing, barking, clucking, baaing, quacking, oinking and meowing to the cowshed door. What do you think they saw?
Published by Random House NZ
The Fierce Little Woman and the Wicked Pirate
Illustrated by Sarah Davis
The fierce little woman lived in a house at the end of a jetty. She knitted socks in blue and green wool, to sell to sailors who had got their feet wet. But when there were no ships at the jetty, she was quite alone. One stormy day, a wicked pirate came to the house on the jetty.
Published by Gecko Press

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