Young Adult Fiction

Speed of Light

With a father more interested in money than family, a brother in prison, a sister with a secret, and a mother in denial, it's no wonder Jeff buries himself in the safe world of mathematics. When a storm hits Wellington, a strange old woman is blown into Jeff's life, challenging everything he thinks is true.
Cover by Keely O'Shannessy
Published by Gecko Press

Ticket to the Sky Dance

Shog and his twin sister, Jancie, are orphans who live on the streets. They know every free food place in the city and how to make the best of looking helpless and cute. Their favourite possessions are hologram players and zeus boots - they are freedom children of the twenty-first century, using their good looks and cunning to survive.
Risk-taking and danger start to unnerve Shog and Jancie and make tem jittery. When Class Act, a famous, international modelling agency, welcomes them to its private world of extravagance and luxury, they can't believe their luck. But as the newness of luxury wears off, it is replaced by terrible fears: why were they chosen and what is really happening on the upper floors if the famous, horseshoe-shaped building?

Winner New Zealand Post Junior Fiction Award 1998
Penguin NZ Ltd, Private Bag 102902, NSMC, Auckland NZ

Starbright and the Dream Eater

File note: The arrival of sickness is always accompanied by the arrival of a possible cure. There will be born of human beauty, a child without fear, known as the Bright Star."

People all over Claircomb are succumbing to a strange illness thought to be a deadly new virus. But this is no virus - it is a life form so advanced that its intelligence makes a computer look like counting beads. It knows the prophecy, too, and it is hunting down the Bright Star to destroy her forever. Can Starbright Connor, the town's tomboy and giggly dare-devil, be the chosen one who will save her best friend Mark - and her beloved family?

Shortlisted New Zealand Post Junior Fiction Award 1999

Harper Collins Children's Books, New York
Penguin NZ Ltd, Private Bag, NSMC, Auckland, NZ

Beyond the River

Short stories for young people 10 - 14
This collection of short stories for young people is set firmly in the South Pacific. Most of the stories are of Aotearoa/New Zealand and most are fantasy. All of them are as much about places as people, and a strong celebration of this part of the planet.
Scholastic NZ, Private Bag 94407, Greenmount, Auckland
Published as The Hitchhikers by Scholastic, New York

"Each of these stories is unique - some are frightening, some are magical and some are just plain weird. So get ready for a ride into the unknown. You might never be coming back."

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