Sunshine Programme

Sunshine Reading Programme

Sunshine Emergent
Baby Get Dressed Huggles'Breakfast
Huggles Can Juggle The Birthday Cake
Huggles Goes Away Dinner!
Down to Town Snap!
I Can Fly Major Jump
My Puppy Little Brother
The Long, Long Tail What is a Huggles?
Yuk Soup Our Granny
Buzzing Flies When Itchy Witchy Sneezes...
Uncle Buncle's House I Love My Family
I Am a Bookworm My Home
Big and Little Shoo!
I Can Jump Up In a Tree
Our Street Icecream
The Race "Scat!" said the cat
A Hug Is Warm Shark In a Sack
Spider, Spider Let's Gave a Swim
Wake Up, Mum! Mr Grump
I'm Bigger Than You. Good For You
What Would You Like? The Monkey Bridge

Sunshine early fluency guided reading
Bread The Seed
The Wind Blows Strong Goodbye Lucy
Along Comes Jake Where Are You Going Aja Rose?
Come For a Swim! Don't You Laugh at Me!
My Boat The Cooking Pot
Little Car Noise
Dad's Headache The Terrible Tiger
Old Grizzly One Thousand Currant Buns
The Giant's Boy Nowhere and Nothing
The Poor Sore Paw Mr Whisper
Ratty-Tatty Red Socks and Yellow Socks
The Tiny Woman's Coat My Sloppy Tiger
When Dad Went to Playschool Letters for Mr James
Mrs Grindy's Shoes Mishi-na
Just This Once Mum's Birthday
Quack, Quack, Quack! Boggywooga
Boring Old Bed My Sloppy Tiger Goes to School
Space Race Tess and Paddy
The Ha-Ha Powder Mum's Diet
A Hundred Hugs The Secret of Spooky House

Sunshine fluency guided reading
The Train Ride Story The Road Robber
The Giant Pumpkin Soup
Rubbish! Grizzly and the Bumble-Bee
Bogle's Card Mr Fixit
Christnas Dog The Person from Planet X
Silly Billys The Big Family
Bogle's Feet Sloppy Tiger and the Party
Sloppy Tiger Bedtime A Magician's House
In the Middle of the Night Dragon With a Cold
The Wedding The Fantastic Washing Machine
Jim's Trumpet The Manly Ferry Pigeon
The Royal Babysitters When the Cookernup Store Burned Down
Morning Bath Jojo and the Robot
Library Day Cousin Kira
Bunrakkit The New Car
The Old Woman's Nose Busy Baby
Lost Property The Man who Never Told the Truth

Sunshine Extensions
The Big Race The Apple
Elephant Walk My Bike Can Fly!
Dinnertime The Cow in the Hole
The Magic Machine Jack and the Giant
The Seals The Babysitters
I like Worms Dr Sprocket Makes a Rocket
The Flea Market Aunty Maria and the Cat
The Blueberry Pie When the Balloon Went Pop!
The Old Truck The Zoo Olympics
Crossing the Road The Traveller and the Farmer
The bag of Smiles The Echo

Sunshine Shared Reading
The Tiny Woman's Coat Birthdays
Little Yellow Chicken Open Your Mouth!
Old Malolo The Dippy Dinner Drippers
Cat's Party The Dancing Fly
Joy Cowley WritesThe Sing-Song Tree
Dayton and the Happy TreeWinklepoo the Wicked
Ten Happy Elephants The Pirate's Treasure

Published by Wendy Pye Limited
Sunshine House
Private Bag 17905
Green Lane
Auckland, New Zealand.

USA distributors; The Wright Group/McGraw Hill

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