Story Box

The Story Box Reading Programme
Read-Together Books (Shared reading)

The Farm ConcertSmarty Pants
The JigareeThe Meanies Trick
The Monsters' PartyMilwaukee Cows
Mrs Wishy-WashyThe Scrubbing Machine
To TownWho's There?
Dan, the Flying ManWhat is in the Closet?
Grandpa, GrandpaCaterpillar's Adventure
Hairy Bear
The Red Rose
Who Will Be My Mother?
The Hungry Giant
One Cold Wet Night

Emergent Guided Reading
The GhostCome With Me
I Want IcecreamFrightened
Brenda's BirthdayGoing to School
SwingDan Gets Dressed/
WaitingJump, Jump, Kangaroo
If You Meet a Dragon...My Picture
In the MirrorThe Nest
A Party'Round and 'Round
The BicycleWhat's For Lunch?
The Big HillWhere Are They Going?
FeetOn a Chair
Little BrotherSilly Old Possum
The BridgeClown and Elephant
The "Gotcha" BoxCopycat
Mrs Wishy-Washy's TubHello
Rat's Funny StoryHouses
A Monster SandwichThe Gifts
The StormHow to Make a Hot Dog
The Tree HouseIce-Cream Stick
Tick-TockThe Escalator
New PantsNew Pants
Shoo, Fly!The Surprise
Chick's WalkFishing
Green GrassSalad
The BeeFlying
LostThe Bears' Picnic
Chicken for DinnerLittle Hearts
Little Meanie's LunchRum-tum-tum
Barn DanceDr Boondoggle
DucksEbenezer and the Sneeze
DangerGrumpy Elephant
The Haunted HouseHorace
ElevatorThe Fantastic Cake
How Many Hot Dogs?My Mom and Dad
The Best Children in the WorldBlueberry Muffins
The Clown in the WellFire and Water
HalloweenLook Out, Dan!
Mouse TrainWhat Can Jigarees Do?
The Boogie-Woogie ManHappy Birthday, Frog
MicroscopeSunflower Seeds
Valentine's DayWho Can See the Camel?
Sleeping OutSplosh
What a Mess!How to Make Can Stilts
I Love ChickensMy Brown Cow
Roberto's SmileThe Night Train
Oh, Jump in a Sack!The Pumpkin
Pet ShopRoy G. Biv
TeethWhere is Skunk?
The Giggle BoxGulp!
The Hungry Giant's LunchTittle-Tattle Goose

(Story Box Early fluency guided reading)
The Big HushFive Funny Uncle
A Bigger BurgerGiddyoocha!
Carla's WheelsThe Happy Café
The Closet Under the StairsHummingbird garden
Don't Throw Your SpinachPirate Traps
The SandwichThe Old House
Toymil and the BearMaui and the Sun
ChampSmelly Armor
The Chilli Pepper PinataSnakebite
The Weather ForecastA Dog for Mrs Muddle Mudpuddle
The Man, the Boy and the DonkeyWild Crayons
Once Hundred booksBig, Fat, Wide Mouth
Mud WalkMy Little Sister
Poor Miss DeeWhat Is an Elephant?

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