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Books Published by Shortland Publications, New Zealand.

The Amazing Popple Seed A Cabbage hat
Baba Yaga Cabbage Princess
Baby in the Supermarket Captain Castor
Boggitty Bog Captain Felonius
Brith the Terrible Cow Up a Tree
Brown Beetles The Difficult Day
The Bull and the Matador Do Whack Do
Butterfly Pie The Duck in the Gun
Far Out An Elephant in the House
A Froggy Tale Giant on the Bus
The Gumby Shop A Handy Dragon
The Hat Sale The Horrible thing With Hairy Feet
I Saw a Dinosaur The Kingíd Pudding
The Kangaroo from Woolloomooloo Letís Get a Pet
Lavender the Library Cat The Lucky Feather
The Little Brown House Monster
The Magicianís Lunch The Most Scary Ghost
Morning Dance Mr Beep
Mouse Monster My Tiger
Mrs Feloniusí Birthday Papaís Spaghetti
O Misery The Shoe Grabber
The Plants of my Aunt Springtime Rock and Roll
A Silly Old Story Ten Loopy Caterpillars
Talk, Talk, Talk The Things I Like
The Terrible Armadillo Tomís Trousers
Timothy Flynn Turnips for Dinner
The Train That Ran Away When the Moon Was Blue
A Walk With Grandpa The Wild, Woolly Child
The White Horse Woolly, Woolly
The Wonder Whizz The Yukadoos
Yellow Overalls The Thirteenth Floor
Pigeon Princess
The Fierce Little Woman and the Wicked Pirate

Available from:

Shortland/Mimosa/McGraw Hill Publishers
12 Cawley Street
Auckland 1005, New Zealand

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