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Fasi Sings Fasiís Fish
From Sky to Sea Greedy Cat
Greedy Cat is Hungry The Smile
Greedy Catís Door What Does Greedy Cat Like?
Hoihoís Chicks Iím the King of the Mountain
Number One Old Tuatara
Our Teacher Miss Pool Pitaís Birthday
Pukeko Morning Rain, Rain
Rosie at the Zoo The Big Bed
The Daisy Chain The Biggest Cake in the World
The New Cat The Shag Goes Fishing
The Water Boatman The Wild Wet Wellington Wind
Uncle Joe Where is Miss Pool?
Woolly Sally Words
Off Goes the Hose A Long Way From Ice cream
Dragon Slayer Dragon Fire
Greedy Cat and the Chocolate Cake Lunch for Greedy Cat
The Day the Truck Got Stuck Miss Pool is Cool

Learning Media Ltd, Box 3293, Wellington, New Zealand.

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