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Snake and Lizard
"Helper and Helper"

Illustrated by Gavin Bishop
Published in 2017 by Gecko Press

'We should have a new sign,' said Lizard. 'Exactly what I was thinking!' cried Snake. 'A huge sign at the entrance of our burrow! Snake and Lizard, Helper and Helper. Big help one egg. Little help one beetle.' Lizard said in a small squeak, 'Lizard and Snake.' 'What?' He lifted his chin in defiance. 'Lizard and Snake! Lizard and Snake!' 'My dear friend, we can't have that. Creatures are used to Snake and Lizard. They'll think Lizard and Snake is a new partnership.'

Snake and Lizard, Helper and Helper
The Bakehouse

Cover by Keely O'Shannessey
Published by Gecko Press

Bert wants nothing more than to be old enough to fight in the war - to handle weapons, defend his country, and have a life filled with adventure. Little does he know that peaceful suburban New Zealand can be a place of secrets and danger, and that one boy's actions can change everything.

The Bakehouse

Winner of 2014 NZ Post Junior Fiction Award. Winner of 2014 LIANZA Award

Illustrations by Keely O'Shannessey
Published by Gecko Press

William and Melissa have been roped into helping their old hippie grandparents fix up their holiday home in the middle of the Sounds. They'll have no electricity, no cellphone reception, and only each other for company. As far as they are concerned, this is NOT a holiday.

Stories of the Wild West Gang (Reprint)
Illustrated by Trevor Pye
Published by Gecko Press

Mum said she nearly died. That wasn't true. But it was a shock for her. She and her sister didn't get along, and here was Auntie Rosie West, Uncle Leo West and the five West children moving into the next street.

Friends (Snake and Lizard)
Illustrated by Gavin Bishop
Published in 2009 by Gecko Press

'I absolutely LOVE eggs!' Snake said.
'You know that.'
Lizard replied, 'You mean you like eggs.
We do not use the word love for food.'
'I do.'
'Love,' said Lizard, 'is a word for relationships, not for things.
You can't have a relationship with your dinner.'
'I can,' Snake replied.'

Snake and Lizard
Illustrations by Gavin Bishop
Published by Julia Marshall, Gecko Press

'There is something the matter with your voice.' 'Ga-runch! Ga-runch!' said Snake. 'I've got a frog in my throat!' she whispered. Lizard said, 'Oh, I know how to fix that, 'and he gave Snake a mighty slap on her back. The frog shot out of Snake's mouth. It landed in the grass and, quick as a blink, it hopped away. 'My supper!' cried Snake. 'That was my supper!'

Chicken Feathers
Illustrations by David Elliot
Published by Penguin NZ and Philomel NY

Chicken feathers is a warm and funny tale about a very special friendship.
When fourteen-year-old Jordan and her younger brothers' plane crashes on a wild, deserted New Zealand peninsula, they are terrified...and alone. Or are they? Whose voice is Jordan hearing, telling her what to do next? Published by Philomel Books

The first in a series of adventures with the Green family who set off on a year long adventure sailing around the Marlborough Sounds. Join them as they learn the ropes, cope with family dramas and come across some very sinister characters- and it's only the first week!

Froghopper and the Paua Poachers
Flea, Pete and Libby Green thought they'd caught the paua poachers, But they hadn't counted on some of the gang still being on the loose. When the Green family sail to D'Urville Island to visit their friends, strange things happen.....

Publisher: Harper Collins

The Silent One
Joansi is a uniquely gifted boy sent from the sea as a baby to grow up in an isolated Pacific village. Unable to speak, Joansi retreats to his underwater world where he develops a special friendship with a huge white turtle. But when Jonasi and the turtle are seen as evil spirits by the superstitious villagerss, Jonasi relaises there is only one way to save the turtle - and himself.

Winner New Zealand Children's Book of the Year 1980
"A book that will not be forgotten." New York Times Educational Supplement.
"Brilliantly evocative." The Horn Book.
Made into a film in 1982, "The Silent One" is still featured on the Disney channel.
Publisher: Penguin NZ Ltd, Private Bag 102902, NSMC, Auckland, NZ.

The Shadrach Trilogy

Bow Down Shadrach
Shadrach is a very old circus-trained Clydesdale horse - and the favourite family pet. When Hannah discovers that Shadrach has been sold to a dog food factory, she decides to mount a heroic rescue and enlists the help of her two younger brothers. From the beginning their plans go seriously wrong. By the time they've argued with the repulsive Wuff Stuff man, hidden Shadrach in a church and a caravan, and floated him on a mussel barge they're in desperate need of rescuing themselves.

Winner New Zealand Children's Book of the Year 1990

Gladly Here I Come

There are two new arrivals on the farm: Shadrach's young filly, Gladly, and a boy named Eden. Gladly is welcomed with open arms, but Eden's arrival, direct from a Social Welfare home, throws the family into turmoil. Hannah is carried away in a rush of optimistic generosity, and Mikey and Sky are deeply suspicious. Hannah is willing to share her family with Eden but is not prepared to share her precious horse. Sky and MIkey form a hostile alliance and Hannah copes by weaving wonderful new stories for Eden. But Hannah doesn't foresee that the invitation into her imaginary world will lead Eden and Gladly into great danger.

Short-listed New Zealand Junior Fiction of the Year.1995

Shadrach Girl

Hannah is now sixteen and looking forward to university. Sky and Mikey are growing up fast and Eden still has a close relationship with Gladly, Hannah's precious horse. But before Hannah farewells childhood forever, the family security is shattered. Their mother, Sophie, seems gravely ill and no one knows what to do. But when Mikey, Sky and Eden are pitted against the wild will of nature, each member of the family must search deep within to find courage. Will the spirit of Shadrach be strong enough to help them?

Winner NZ Post Junior Fiction Award 2001

Penguin NZ Ltd, Private Bag 102902, NSMC, Auckland,
New Zealand

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