Signature Chapters

Joy Signature Chapters

Easy-read chapters approx 3000 words

The Knight Stories Bumblefest
Dragon Hunt
The Battle of Burpington

Small Town Stories Drum
Going for Gold
Blackberry Patch

Madam Spry Stories Madam Spry
Madam Spry and the Blue Diamond
Madam Spry and the Secret Plans
Madam Spry and Mr Mustard

The Gribbles Stories Clever Gribbles
The Amazing Gribbles
The Brilliant Gribbles
The Clever Gribbles

The Big Hairy Author Stories Fairy Tale
Fairy Tale
Scary Story
Messy Adventure

Joy Signature Chapters are published in 2007 by
Mimosa/McGraw-Hill, 8 Yarra St, Hawthorn, Vic 3122, Australia

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