Children's Novels

The Road to Ratenburg
Illustrations by Gavin Bishop
Published by Gecko Press

Allow me to introduce myself. I am spinnaker rat, proud father of four little ratlets, devoted husband of Retsina, patient companion to the exasperating Roger, brave leader of a perilous adventure on the road to Ratenburg ...

Chicken Feathers
Illustrations by David Elliot
Published by Penguin NZ and Philomel NY

Chicken feathers is a warm and funny tale about a very special friendship.

Snake and Lizard
Illustrations by Gavin Bishop
Published by Julia Marshall, Gecko Press

'There is something the matter with your voice.' 'Ga-runch! Ga-runch!' said Snake. 'I've got a frog in my throat!' she whispered. Lizard said, 'Oh, I know how to fix that, 'and he gave Snake a mighty slap on her back. The frog shot out of Snake's mouth. It landed in the grass and, quick as a blink, it hopped away. 'My supper!' cried Snake. 'That was my supper!'
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