Out of Print Books


Illustrations by Philip Webb, Oxford University Press, NZ

The Fierce Little Woman and the Wicked Pirate
Illustrated by Jo Davies, Shortland, NZ

The Lucky Feather
Illustrated by Philip Webb, Shortland, NZ

Captain Felonius
Illustrated by Elizabeth Fuller, Shortland, NZ

The Day of the Rain
Illustrated by Bob Kerr, Mallinson Rendel, NZ

The Day of the Snow
Illustrated by Bob Kerr, Mallinson Rendel, NZ

The Day of the Wind
Illustrated by Trevor Pye, Mallinson Rendel, NZ

The Terrible Taniwha of Timberditch
Illustrations by Rodney McRae, Oxford University Press, NZ

The Duck in the Gun
Illustrations by Robyn Belton, Shortland NZ

Cricket's Storm  (ages 3 - 6)
Illustrated by Gary Sullivan
"Never!" said Cricket, spinning around.
"Never let weather get you down."
All the creatures in the garden fear the coming storm but Cricket stays cheerful and is not afraid to get a little wet. A message of optimism.
Published by Scholastic NZ

Song of River

The Mouse Bride  (ages 3-8)
Illustrated by David Christiana
A creative retelling of an old Asian folk tale in which a tiny mouse who resents her smallness, goes out to find the biggest and strongest husband in the world so that she can have big, strong children. She proposes to the sun, the cloud, the wind, the tall wooden house. Who does she marry?
Published by Scholastic NZ

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